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The Messiah will appear soon, according to the Rabbi

An Israeli news site is reporting in Hebrew on a rabbinic prophecy from almost 200 years ago about the world’s depleting food supply, which was expected to happen now, in our time (! ), and how it heralds the Messianic kingdom in Israel.

Large parts of several economies were disrupted by the COVID worldwide lockdowns, which resulted in a global food crisis to some extent. For years, specialists in a variety of professions had been warning of an impending food scarcity problem. The world’s population is growing faster than food production.

The TORAH information for half-hekel of tax (Exodus 30) Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812) used data from a predicted date for world supply to come to an end. He pointed to 2015 for his calculations! The rabbi said that the Messiah would come after that. (Zalman’s first rebbe and the founder of the Hasidic Chabad Movement. He was living in East Europe.)

The new Testament contains apocalyptic prophecies that include famine long before Rabbi Zalmen’s forecast. A scale of weighing barley and announcing high prices for grains equivalent to a bag of flour of more than $100 in the third horseman for the Apocalypsis of Revelation 6.

«You’ll hear of wars and rumors of wars but make sure that you’re not alarmed.» Yeshua prophesied. Nation will rise up to the nation, and kingdom to the kingdom. Hunger and earthquakes will occur in different places. All these are the start of the pains of birth.» (Matthew 24:6-8)

For thousands of years famines have been occurred, for instance in Israel during Isaac and Joseph’s lives or the Irish famine of potatoes in the middle of the 1800s.

So what kind of starvation do we have to ensure that these end-time prophecies are fulfilled? Saying «This is it?»

While China appears to purchase world cereals to feed their people, a large part of the food is cultivated locally here in Israel. We saw no significant changes in our food market shelves even when COVID restrictions shut Israelis down to fresh food imports. Israel Nowadays does its little part by planting more olive trees to produce olive oil in Israel’s food production.

It is wise to remain informative and pray, as we have written about prophecies and projections in the past. You can also track food prices and cultivate some of your own food, be it in a garden or in a flower pot.

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