Another megachurch and 58 other churches are leaving the mainline denominations due to the LGBT frenzy

The United Methodist Church (UMC) has intensified its efforts to be more inclusive of LGBTQ people, which has led to divisions within the sect and expulsion from the group. Each of the five US jurisdictions of the Church met separately this month to enact policies that “protect, affirm, and empower LGBTQIA people.”
A second openly gay bishop was also elected.
Conservatives said the event would only hasten his departure from one of the largest Protestant denominations in the country.
At least 300 American congregations have left United Methodist Church this year, according to the United Methodist News Service. other
people are in the process of leaving the country, and that number could reach thousands by the end of next year.
Abroad, congregations in Bulgaria and Slovakia have terminated their denominational affiliations, and African churches are considering doing so. I am analyzing the denominations. The new sect was founded by former conservative UMC leaders. It follows the teachings of the New Testament of the Bible, which does not recognize same-sex marriage.

As CBN News reported in May, the conservative congregation has formally split from the UMC after years of debate over same-sex marriage and the installation of an openly gay pastor.

Earlier this month, another Texas megachurch voted to leave the UMC. A congregation at White’s Chapel in Southlake, Texas, voted to leave the United Methodist Church. According to the church, 2,505 members voted, of whom 2,338 left and 160 voted against (7 abstained).

In a statement, the church’s co-pastors, John McKellar and Todd Renner, acknowledged that some members of the church family may have been affected by the congregation’s decision to leave UMC.

“I know there are people who are disappointed and heartbroken…wonder if they can contact White’s Chapel. If you are there tonight, I want to speak with you. Know that you are welcome here and loved.” here. And as a church, to you and our entire community, God bless me. Let us commit to pray for his guidance in continuing to share the gospel of Jesus with the world,” the pastor’s statement said.

McKellar and Renner also asked members to continue to pray for WBU.
“Pray also for our friends and colleagues in The United Methodist Church. For lay leaders, clergy and bishops. We announced a document showing why we are doing it before the vote.

“Due to the currently ongoing schism in the great WBU, congregations across the United States are being asked to choose their own path for future membership, based on their core values ​​and theological beliefs. I am here.” Church leaders write.

“Today we experience the UMC as a broken institution. Furthermore, the alternatives we have been given do not seem to match our context and theology.” United Methodist Church (UMC) due to the ongoing debate on homosexuality.

Meanwhile, during Saturday’s virtual conference, the WBU cut ties with 58 churches at a conference in Louisiana. The leading church delegates voted
87 to 35 to move. The resignation required the support of two-thirds of the delegates.
District 6 coming out of the conference is from the New Orleans area. The other seven churches are from the Baton Rouge area.

St. Timothy’s, one of the largest Methodist congregations in Louisiana with 6,000 members, voted to leave on November 1, The Advocate reported.

The Louisiana withdrawal will take effect after December 31, according to church officials. According to recent WBU statistics,
congregations are still part of an estimated 30,000 congregations in the United States alone, with nearly 13,000 remaining abroad.