The digital currency arrives! Major Banks Make An Announcement That Should Concern All Of Us

Using the pandemic as an excuse, we have seen a major change in the way elections are conducted. The negative impact of many of these changes is now visible as they try to sell us that it is “normal” for elections to take days to be counted in some areas. .

If that wasn’t enough, get ready for something else that was circulated as a “conspiracy theory” but could now be just around the corner. He is working on a “digital dollar” pilot program.
“Exploring the feasibility of an interoperable network of wholesale central bank digital money and commercial bank digital money operated on multi-entity shared ledgers.”

Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, HSBC Holdings, PNC Financial Services, TD Bank, Truist Financial and US Bancorp are the leading banks partnering with the New York Fed’s New York Innovation Center for pilot programs.

“Programmable dollars may be needed to support new business models and provide a much-needed foundation for financial infrastructure and business innovation,” said Citigroup’s Finance and Business Solutions division.

The fig tree is in bloom, the kingdom of God approaches Israel. ¿Do we have little time?➡

Tony McLaughlin, Managing Director of Emerging Payments and Business Development, he said in a statement Released Tuesday “Such projects focused on the digitization of central bank currencies and individual bank deposits could be expanded to consider opportunities from a broader perspective.”

So what does that mean?

Now the government can see a lot of what you do financially. However, when this applies to individual accounts, all trades are open book.

So the government not only knows everything you do, but can theoretically isolate and control you. Listen as this man explains how well getting tested without even having to talk to or see you can work.

Here’s a comment from the World Economic Forum talking about how you could track your carbon footprint.

Joe Rogan and Tulsi Gabbard understand how scary this really can be.

Others predicted that the FTX implosion would be used to increase pressure on the CBDC.
Former Congressman Justin Amash objected:
America’s digital currency will be one of the most dangerous developments in history. If governments could block all transactions by flipping a switch, they could control your entire life. We need a wall separating money and state.
The potential dangers to freedom of such a system are immense. The new Republican majority must face this and not be outdone.