Thunderstorm and lightning over Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Thunderstorm and lightning over Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Waterspout off the coast of Mykonos. Greece

he ongoing monsoon rains in Pakistan since June have led to a humanitarian crisis.

 Large hail of Bari. Italys.

 A severe thunderstorm hit the city of Dallas, Texas.

Flooding due to sudden heavy rain in Massachusetts. USA

Flooding after heavy rain in the village of Ratulow. Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Poland

Gorgeous cloud formation on the rock of Gibraltar on August 24, 2022! Under certain conditions, moist air condenses, rising up the slopes of the rock, forming a cloud.

Tornado rages on the ashes in Portugal

Thunderstorm in Ankara. Turkey

Heavy rains wreaked havoc in La Vega. Dominican Republic

Huge yacht of Russian oligarch Gennady Ayvazyan worth $50 million sank off the coast of Italy