World leader Klaus Schwab appears at the G20 to give the order to initiate a Global Reset!

Klaus Schwab made a surprise appearance at the G20 summit in Indonesia to keep plans for the Great Reset on track.
Every year, the leaders of the G20 members meet primarily to discuss economic and financial issues and to coordinate policies on issues of common interest, according to the Council on Foreign Relations website.

This is the meeting of the most powerful countries with the most influential economies. Pretty easy to understand, right? So can you tell us what Klaus Schwab, the architect of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, was doing there?

“For God has put it into his hearts to do his will and consent, and to give the kingdom to the beast, until his word come true.” Revelation 17:17 (KJV)

To be honest, sometimes I think Klaus Schwab is reading “from the end which is just beginning now” Standing in front of the G20 yesterday, he gasped and delivered a beautifully crafted monologue that could have come straight out of one of the prophetic ’90s movies. .

Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has urged world leaders to carry out a “structural and systemic restructuring of our world”.

In the midst of the epidemic, Klaus Schwab seized the opportunity to advance his agenda and wrote: .., a just and prosperous world.”

“If you look at all the challenges, you can talk about various economic, political, social, environmental and institutional crises,” Schwab said at the G20 summit. “But in reality we have to face a serious systemic and structural restructuring of the world. And it will take time, and after going through this transition process, the world will look different.”

Click the video to check it. This startling snippet, which has since been removed from social media, is from yesterday. Look at the video